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Welcome to CGS Firearms

CGS Firearms is Dwight Clark, a long time gun enthusiast and weapons gunsmith. I personally work on every weapon that enters my doors and ensure that each one that leaves, meets my standards. There should never be a compromise on what a firearm should be and how it should perform.
I look forward to making the gun you purchased truly "yours".

Proud sponsor of Team CGS

I am proud to sponsor Team CGS Firearms. The team competes in many shooting disciplines with USPSA and 3-Gun being their primary sports. The team shoots hundreds of thousands of rounds a year, and I personally find no better way to test firearm tuning and workmanship by letting my team shoot, what for most, is a lifetimes worth of rounds through a firearm in a single season. I have always believed that until a firearm is tested in extreme use, I can not stand behind my work.
Be sure and follow the team on Facebook, they are always happy to have new shooters join them.

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