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We provide general repairs on all firearms pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun.

We quote service prices on firearm inspection only.
We have a $25 minimum bench fee.

Action Work

One of our specialties is action enhancement. Many shooters find that a firearms action taylored to their preferences, greatly enhances their skills and enjoyment.

We can provide the following action work.

Pistols - defensive to competition level customization, including tuning and upgrades
Rifles - any level of competition and tactical work
Revolvers - Defensive to competition, including smoothing and lightening. We can also provide hammer and trigger replacements to meet any need.

Please note that many custom action work will need specific information from the shooter and an understanding of their goals.
For example, many action projects will require fully seated Federal brand primers, while defensive pistol work will shoot "box" ammunition.
Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and goals.